COVID-19 Prevention Policy

A lot has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We at Universal Coins care about ensuring the safety of our customers, as well as ourselves.  We wanted to provide people with a safe, responsible environment where our customers can continue to enjoy pursuing their numismatic passions.

With this in mind, here is what has changed for Universal Coins:

  • We are limiting the number of customers in our storefront to three (4) people at a time.
  • We still allow people to peruse our catalogue of coins and banknotes in our store at their convenience, but we ask that all customers use appropriate social distancing practices.  This includes:
    • Maintaining a distance of two meters from other customers and wearing masks if you cannot do so
    • Treat all coins as they may be contaminated.  We will not be disinfecting coins in the bins.
    • Complete their transactions in a timely manner if store traffic demands it.
  • We ask that people coming in one person per appraisal.  This ensures that we can serve you for any appraisal needs you may have while allowing for more customers to come in.
  • We also ask that all customers disinfect their hands with the provided hand sanitizer.
  • Masks will not be mandatory, but we strongly encourage everyone to wear them.

You will also notice that we now are making extensive use of PPE, including face masks, disposable gloves, and protective screens in an attempt to minimize any cross contamination.  This is a very hands-on business, so we ask that everyone be responsible.  We cannot guarantee that any products in our store will be appropriately sterilized.  We ask everyone that comes in to treat every coin as though it could be contaminated.

Thank you and be safe.