Bullion and Precious Metals

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Why buy gold and silver?

More people are buying into gold and silver now than ever before.  With the precious metals constantly in the news, people are beginning to realize the value of money protection.  Gold and silver are used as a store of value to hedge against social, political, and economic crises (especially those stemming from the use fiat currency).  The protections precious metals afford help retain the value of an investor's money, rather than simply grow it like a traditional investment does.

How do I buy gold and silver?

There are multiple methods to investing in gold and silver.  Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Junk Gold & Silver

Coins made of gold and silver that hold no numismatic or collector value are considered "junk coins."  These coins, however, still hold value because of their metal content.  Buying junk silver and gold coins:
  • Is a low-cost method of buying precious metals, with prices having little to no premium over the spot price
  • Allows the purchase of smaller quantities and are more easily divisible than pure bullion coins
  • Is highly recognized because each coin is legal tender, from a recognized mint

Common examples of junk gold and silver coins are:

 Coins  Weight (in troy oz.)  
 Canadian Silver    
 Silver Dollar  .6  
 Silver Coins  .6  per dollar
 Silver Coins (1967-1968)  .38  per dollar
 US Silver    
 Silver Dollar  .773
 Silver Coins  .715  per dollar
 Silver Clad Coins (1965-1970 50 Cent Only)  .147  each
 Canadian Gold    
 $20 Centennial  .529  
 $100 22 K (1976 Proof, 1977-1986)  .499  
 $100 14 K (1976 Unc., 1987-2003)  .250  
 $100 14 K (2004-Date)  .225  
 US Gold    
 Quarter Eagle (2 1/2 D.)  .120  
 Half Eagle (5 D.)  .241  
 Eagle (10 D.  .483  
 Double Eagle (20 D.)  .967  
 Foreign Gold    
 Austrian 4 Ducat  .443  
 French 20 Franc  .186  
 British Half Sovereign  .1177  
 British Sovereign  .2354  

















Gold & Silver Bullion

The most recognizable and traded forms of precious metals are in the forms of bullion coins and bars.  Because the bullion is pure to a thousandths of of an ounce, they are traded at a premium over spot, whereas junk coins are not.  Bullion coins and bars are certified to be pure by a recognized assayer (e.g. Johnson Mathey, Engelhard, or in the case of coins the Royal Canadian Mint).

Tax Note:  According to Canadian sales tax rules, all pure silver and gold is sales tax exempt.  Impure coins and bars are not tax exempt, including the South African Krugerrand, despite its status as a bullion coin.

Examples of coins and bars pure bullion:


 Gold Coins  
 Canada  Gold Maple Leaf
 United States  Gold Eagle
 South Africa  Krugerrand
 Mexico  Libertad
 Austria  Philharmoniker
 Silver Coins  
 Canada  Silver Maple Leaf
 United States  Silver Eagle
 Australia  Silver Kookaburra
 Mexico  Libertad
 Johnson Matthey  
 Mitsubishi Metals/Materials  
 Royal Canadian Mint  
 United States Assay Office  
















A note about Unrecognized Bars:

Unrecognized bullion bars are bars or rounds of pure silver that have been assayed, but is not recognized by the commodity exchanges (see these links for complete lists of recognized gold and silver assayers).  These are bullion pieces that are still pure and traded as pure bullion, but with a lower premium.

So, how do I buy gold and silver?

Simply put, call us.  While we do carry precious metals in stock, it is too difficult for us to maintain a running inventory on our website.  We are frequently buying junk gold and silver, as well as bullion.  Contact us often to find out exactly what it is we have and what our price is.