2018 Public Torex Auction

Our friends at The Canadian Numismatic Auction Company are once again hosting the 2018 TOREX Auction this February.

We're pleased to announce that we have a large number of items listed in this auction! We have a wide range of items from Vatican exonumia to one of the finest known examples of a rare Newfoundland Merchant Scrip! See below for our full list of items and be sure to see each lot on the Public Torex Auction site.

Session 1 Friday, Feb 23rd

91. Exonumia; Medal 1757 Seven Years War Battle of Prague Victory Medal, bust in profile of Frederick the Great (Frederick II of Prussia), facing right wearing laurel wreath
93. Exonumia; Medal 1876 Dominion of Canada Exhibition Bronze (gold plated) issue. Leroux 1460. VF with light cleaning
94. Medal; 1867-1927 Commemorative Confederation of Canada Bronze Medal portraying George V on one side and Standing Lady in Robe with arms through A MARI VSQVE AD MARE
96. Exonumia; Royal Canadian Mint Medal - Long Service Medals issued to P.E. Prince for service from 1962-1997
97. Exonumia; Royal Canadian Mint Medal - Silver medal issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1987 to celebrate one billion in sales.
98. Vatican-Rome; Tanfani & Bertarelli of Rome - Order of Merit Malta, Star of the Order of St John of Jerusalem Medal
99. Vatican; Includes Regalia of a Papal Knight (Commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great and the Grand Silver Star of the Order) consisting of two medals in presentation box

272. Nfld; Harbor Grace Boot and Shoe Factory CH# NL-35-10-04R Ser #E871. Founded in 1877 in Harbor Grace by Frank Archibald a well known shoemaker. Extremely Rare with only four $1.00 notes known to exist. This is by far the best and most complete note we have ever seen with the other 3 showing major damage.
319. Nfld; 1920 $1 NF-12b #A020436, CCCS F12
418. 1937 $50 BC-26b #BH3447883, CCCS CH UNC63

Session 2 Saturday, Feb 24th

698. 1859 1¢ DP NP#1 ICCS EF45
708. 1899 1¢ Repunched last 9 ICCS MS64RD
709. 1899 1¢ Repunched last 9 ICCS MS60BN
890. 1870 10¢ Narrow O ICCS MS60
895. 1871H 10¢ ICCS VF30. Designated with corrosion
1009. 1872H 50¢ A/V ICCS VF30
1016. 1898 50¢ CCCS VF20

Session 3 Monday, Feb 26th

1248. Exonumia; Medal 1837-1897 Canada high relief Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee medal commemorating the Diamond Jubilee(50th anniversary) of Queen Victoria’s reign
1249. Exonumia; Medal 1867 R. Tait McKenzie 1938 - Physician, Educator, Sculptor
1250. Exonumia; Medal 1976 City of Ottawa Coin Club - 23rd Annual Convention of the CNA. Silver
1251. Exonumia; Medal 1976 Montreal Olympics issue #000341
1252. Exonumia; Medal Great Britain; 1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medallion.
1253. Exonumia; Medal includes 1868 - Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Medal
1254. Exonumia; Medal includes 1886 Edinburgh University - Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health Medal
1256. Exonumia; Medal includes Montreal, Victoria Bridge inaugurated by The Prince of Wales 1860, Bronze Medal
1260. Exonumia; RCM 1989 Mint Cribbage Tournament Medal
1263. Vatican; Includes 1984 Joannes Paulus Ii Pont Max Canada Visit Medallion. Housed in original box

1398. Test Token; 1965 Round/Geese, Nickel TT-25.6B ICCS AU55

1613. 1954 $10 BC-40b #MT1268049, CCCS Gem UNC65
1635. 1974 $2 BC-47aA #*BJ6322569, BCS CH UNC62
1645. 1972 $5 BC-48b #XA4305439, CCCS UNC60
1648. 1972 $5 BC-48bA #*CU2920713, CCCS CH UNC62
1649. 1972 $5 BC-48bA #*CU2925728, CCCS CH UNC63
1652. 1972 $5 BC-48bA #*CV3127936, CCCS CH UNC63
1654. 1972 $5 BC-48bA #*SB1573196, BCS AU58 Original
1658. 1972 $5 BC-48bA #*SW2222644, CCCS CH UNC64
1663. 1971 $10 BC-49cA #*DY3311731, BCS CH UNC63 Original
1684. 1979 $5 BC-53aA #31000527320, CCCS AU55

Session 4 Tuesday, Feb 27th

1829. Nfld 1876H 20¢ ICCS VF30
1833. Nfld 1885 20¢ ICCS VF30

Be sure to search the auction site for these lots to see all of the details of our items.

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